Exhibition De Andrè

De Andrè

Fabrizio De André’s “Diamanti Nascosti” (Hidden Diamonds) on display Events in Ravenna

Rummaging through a thousand objects, some hidden from view, you can find “diamonds” now forgotten, now discovered in a new light. From the 6th to the 30th of June, the exhibition “Diamanti Nascosti” (Hidden Diamonds) is exhibited at Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, which proposes an idea made up of images, colours and shapes of Fabrizio De André’s poetry and thought. On display are everyday objects, musical instruments or original LP covers autographed by the singersongwriter to remember, twenty years after his death, the artistic work and the great intellectual and moral contribution he has been able to give.

A rich selection of images by Mimmo Dabbrescia, former photographer of the artist in the period 1969-1974 and Paolo Ruffini, who photographed De Andrè and his band during the 1992 concert at the Goldoni Theater in Bagnacavallo.
A section is dedicated to a series of works of art created for this special moment by the young people and teachers of the Ravenna Art School, by the artists Mauro Bartolotti and Sergio Staino.

Opening: Thursday 6th June at 6pm. Dori Ghezzi speaks.

Event link:
– https://www.ravennatoday.it/eventi/mostre-diamanti-nascosti-fabrizio-de-andre.html
– http://www.fabriziodeandre.it/diamanti-nascosti-fabrizio-de-andre/
– https://www.arci.it/ravenna-faber-e-i-suoi-diamanti-nascosti/
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