The young Faber

De Andrè

The Younger Faber in Mimmo Dabbrescia’s photographs

Forty-two shots from the great photographer Mimmo Dabbrescia (already previewed during the tribute evening at De Andrè at the Spazio Gloria in Como on January 24) will be on display from the 6th to 22nd February in the former church of San Pietro in Atrium in via Odescalchi 3, always in Como. A unique and beautiful exhibition, to be commented in the words of Dabbrescia himself:

“These are the photographs taken of Fabrizio De Andrè in the period between 1969 and 1974. I had convinced him that they would be used at his record company and that I had requests from various newspapers … Although he said “he is grumpy”, “unapproachable”, it was all easy. Fabrizio was simply a very polite and reserved person. I remember that at the end of the first photoshoot he told me he had fun, but added: “In my opinion you wasted film”. It was not like that. Returning to Milan, I was happy to be able to satisfy the newspapers with which I collaborated and his record company. I continued to photograph it all. In the meantime, at my house Il Gorilla, Marinella’s song, Bocca di rosa, La balata del Michè were sung… Thanks Fabrizio, for everything ”(Mimmo Dabbrescia)

The exhibition is part of the project Comune di Arci Xanadù, Arci Como and ecoinformazioni with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo. Created in collaboration with the Prospettive d’Arte gallery in Milan, it is sponsored by the Fabrizio De Andrè Onlus Foundation and the Municipality of Como.

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